Making your office or home secure should be on the top of your priority least as these places need to be under surveillance on round a clock basis. This is why Vanquish IT services came up with the world-class CCTV cameras that will allow you to keep track of your place on 24/7.

Vanquish IT services was established with the core objective of providing the latest technology for people at an economical price. Our CCTV cameras are a clear example of how we have been transforming the lives of people in Delhi with the help of the latest technology. It doesn’t matter how big your place is or how many CCTV cameras you want, we encompass all. We are the industry leader in the CCTV camera industry and throughout our existence in the industry, we have built a reputed and trusted name among the customers.

Our Services

CCTV Camera

It doesn’t matter which type of CCTV camera you are looking for, we have it all. We have the widest range of CCTV cameras in the market and that’s why we act as a one-stop-shop for all your CCTV camera needs. Some of the most common CCTV cameras sold by us are network CCTV cameras, IP cameras and PTZ cameras. All our CCTV cameras are long lasting, advanced and optimized for world-class performance. So you can trust our CCTV cameras without any second thoughts.

CCTV installation

We also provide quick, pocket-friendly and easy CCTV camera installation services. Whether you already have any type of CCTV camera with you or you choose our advanced and economical CCTV cameras, we offer installation services for all. You just need to give us a call and after the final quotation, our team will install the CCTV cameras at your place within a maximum of 12 hours. We have a dedicated team for CCTV installation only and that’s why you can trust them with their expertise.

CCTV maintenance

We also offer CCTV maintenance service in which we will take care of each and every issue of your CCTV cameras and make sure that they are always available for you. If you want a quote for our CCTV maintenance service then just give us a call or send us an email. Our CCTV maintenance services include repair and even replacement of your CCTV cameras.

Why Vanquish IT services for CCTV camera surveillance system in Delhi?

Competitive price– Whether you choose our CCTV cameras, installation services or maintenance services, you will never have to cross your budget as we have set a competitive price for every IT service and product that we sell.

Best quality– We spend a lot of time in research and analysis to come up with the best form of IT solution and our CCTV cameras are a perfect example of how we bring the IT solutions in the best form to our customers.

Quick– We guarantee that after the finalization of the quotation, we will install the CCTV system at your place within a minimum of 12 hours.